our low-cost PM sensor

We designed our own sensor, made in Ethiopia!

The sensor uses light-scattering method to measure PM2.5. This method is a lot more affordable then traditional methods used to measure PM2.5. It has a 10% inaccuracy compared to traditional devices, but the cost is 30-50x less. Therefor we can spread a lot more sensors for the same price and get better spatial data density. And thus, for data-modelling it might even have better accuracy.

The sensor is built using open-source technologies and readily available components. A energy efficient micro-controller with built-in wifi sends the data at regular interval to the website. In case of internet outages the device stores up to 1 month of data and sends it later.

Current version still needs wifi and 5v phone charger. In the future a ‘plus’ version with GPRS (2G) and solar power will be made for the locations that are off grid.

prototype 4 (dec 2019)

papers on low-cost PM sensors